Bartender Spotlight

Masters of mixology. Barons behind the bar. Kings and queens of the cocktail. This is where we feature some of the best in the business and see what they can do with Tattersall.

Adam Luesse

Tattersall Distilling

Adam is all about serving up exceptional experiences and creative drinks that taste delicious, like The Northside. And his creativity doesn’t end behind the bar, he’s also our resident social media photographer, capturing all the happenings around the cocktail room and distillery.

The Northside

Stop into the cocktail room to try one for yourself or make it at home:


2 ½ oz. Tattersall Aquavit
¾ oz. Mint Syrup
¾ oz. Lime Juice
Habanero Bitters to taste


Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass, garnish with a mint leaf.

NOTE: If you don’t have mint syrup, use simple syrup and shake with a small bunch of mint leaves before straining. If you don’t have habanero bitters, shake with a few habanero slices before straining.

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